Hoosic Valley Athletic Association


In an effort to keep our kids active and give them a chance to continue to work on their baseball skills, HVAA
is offering an informal fall ball league for the boys 8 and under league. 

The Fall Ball sessions will be held every Sunday from 12-2, starting September 14th to October 19th. The children can be prepared to practice for a hour and then scrimmage each other for the next hour.
We are still looking for parents to assist with coaching. If you or your child are interested please contact Samantha Nicoll at snicoll98@gmail.com by September 10.
We hope you are just as excited about this opportunity as we are!!! Please spread the word!

Hoosic Valley Athletic Association

The purpose of this organization is to operate solely to provide supervised athletic programs to the youth of the community, thereby developing the character of our youth and adding in the prevention of juvenile delinquency.

The sports that we provide are:

House baseball, softball, and soccer.

CYO basketball, travel baseball, travel softball, and travel soccer.

These sports are suitable for a variety of age levels and for any experience level.

*Meetings are held the second Thursday of every month.*

2014 Officers

President -  Theresa Reiser 

Vice President - Bobby Keyes - Chezburgerbob@yahoo.com

Treasurer - Don Espey Jr - espey1@gmail.com

Secretary -Kim Giordano - Kimdangiordano@yahoo.com

Purchasing Agent - John Bartis -

Registration Chair - Sean Brown - skipbarberman@verizon.net

Snack bar Chair - Bobby Keyes - Chezburgerbob@yahoo.com

Picnic Chair - John Bartis -

Parade Chair - Nadine Dickinson - N.dickinson@decrescente.com

Building & Grounds Chair - Skeet Williams

CYO Girls Bkb - Scott Rice - srice4@nycap.rr.com

CYO Boys Bkb - Scott Rice - srice4@nycap.rr.com

Girls Travel Softball - Sean Brown - skipbarberman@verizon.net

Travel Baseball - George Brooks - gbrooks@hoosicvalley.k12.ny.us

Boys Majors - & Robert Kalbfleish - rdkalbfliesch@msn.com

Girls Majors - Ned Morrissey - emorris3@nycap.rr.com

Boys Minors - Scott Rice - srice4@nycap.rr.com

Girls Minors - Sean Brown -

Boys Ponies - Roger Scofield - rscofield1374@yahoo,com

Girls Ponies -TBD

Tee Ball - Tony Bochette - adbochette@yahoo.com

Trophy & Uniform Chair - Don Espey Jr. - espey1@gmail.com

Sponsor Chair -  Al Lewis - #518-753-6065

13U Soccer - Scott Rice - srice4@nycap.rr.com

10U Soccer - Scott Rice - srice4@nycap.rr.com

8U Soccer - Johanna Gela - johanna.gela@yahoo.com

6U Soccer - Johanna Gela - johanna.gela@yahoo.com

Webmaster - Joseph Cunningham - jjc1a1@nycap.rr.com